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Post by DragonTear on 8/5/2015, 11:15 am

Good evening/midnight,

Here's a small introduction:
Name : Ashley
Age: 26
Location: The Netherlands
Gender: guy
Mu experience: Around 10-11 years

Well thats some general info about me, i'm very excited about this mu project!
So far i've seen quite some dedication towards the build of it and that makes me happy. I've been looking (on and off) for a long term & low version server the past few years with not much luck until now. If u guys are in need of testers i would've like to help. The only downside is that my spare time varies alot because of my work, so i wont be a solid asset in activity.

I hope its all read-able considering its 2 am and i'm about to crash xD.
Staff Team
Staff Team

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Welcome, friend!

Post by Milamber on 3/12/2016, 1:13 am

Hey, welcome! Sent you an e-mail, we're relaunching this server very soon and its going to be awesome.


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