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January 2017 News

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January 2017 News

Post by Milamber on 27/1/2017, 6:01 am

Hello faronnians!

The server is currently in Pirvate BETA.
We have only a couple more modifications to make to our Gameserver and client Main. We are also having issues with the MU website (http://faronnia.com), and will be fixing it soon.

As I am writing this, I am updating our Wiki site with the Boss Item Drops page, because I have finished all item drop configurations finally today.

Here's a list of what we completed in recent months:
- Map Modifications (remaster and expansions) 100% done
- Item Stats overhaul 100% done
- All client visual and sound re-designs 100% done
- Monster Stats overhaul 100% done
- Custom Boss Monsters 100% done
- Events, Quests, and Item Drop configurations 100% Done

We are hoping to finally launch within a month...
Thanks again for believing, we're making the best MU Online server happen this year!


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