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Mil feeling a bit unwell :(

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Mil feeling a bit unwell :(

Post by Milamber on 18/4/2017, 9:44 pm

Hi folks!!

Just wanted to say that I am unwell, so I will be a lot less active on forums and on development side of things as we prepare for our launch on Friday.

I've had insomnia, migraine/headache pains, and also food poisoing from 2 days ago because I ate outside (Pret A Manger, hoisin duck wrap. Its in the toilet now, somewhere, where it deserves to be!!!!) Shocked

So.. yeah, not feeling great.
Karli, who is Co-Administrator, will take other community interactions and server-side maintenance and development while I get better.

I'll get better soon, just give me a day or 2, hopefully won't need longer than that.
Kind regards,
- Mil, your god and master farao uehehe king


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Re: Mil feeling a bit unwell :(

Post by Jazeon on 19/4/2017, 12:49 am

I told you, you don't have to overexert yourself, chill out and move the release date for the next week or so, until you are prepared.

No stressing over releasing a game for fun, when you can't stay enjoy it though.

And how is Karli again affiliated with the server again, we were working on a previous server before owned by MuIsBest, although I was only a GM, while he was doing technical stuff.


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Re: Mil feeling a bit unwell :(

Post by YuOn on 19/4/2017, 2:13 am

Food poisoning? You ought to get medical help, perhaps. And don't forget to fill complaint on that restaurant as well. Either way I wish you to recuperate as soon as possible!

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Re: Mil feeling a bit unwell :(

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