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Hotfix for players having problems running the game client

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Hotfix for players having problems running the game client

Post by Milamber on 30/4/2017, 2:40 am

Download: http://www.faronnia.com/dl/wait.rar

Extract this in your game client's folder (NOT data folder, but in same folder as main.exe and mu.exe).

Use this patch ONLY if you are having problems running the game.
The most common reported problem is a 'mix.bmd' error message. This wait.txt file will fix this. Also please make sure you have run the installers in the FixGameCrash folder if you cannot run the game.

Other solution:
Delete the Faronnia desktop shortcut, and open folder where you installed client.
Instead of using Mu.exe to launch the game, use Main.exe.

If you are still having problem, please delete main.exe from MU clients you may have installed on your hard drive, and restore main.exe in Faronnia MU client. Our launcher sometimes can try and launch other MU clients.

This should fix your problem.

If you are experiencing in-game lag problems,
please open the Config.ini file found withint our game client (edit with notepad or any text editor) and disable 3D Camera and Fog by changing their values from 1 to 0.

If you absolutely cannot get the game to run on your Windows PC,
please create an account here on the forums and reply to this post here, and we will provide further help.


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